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Birthdate:Feb 18
Location:Missouri, United States of America
I'm a New England girl stuck in the midwest, and it hasnt' killed me yet, though not for a lack of trying. Welcome to a half-empty spot I can barely remember owning.

I am (currently) a Trad-free pagan, practicing at home. I'm bisexual in a lesbian relationship with the best thing to ever happen to me.

Oh, and I write fic. Slashfic. Or I did, anyway. These days, with stress and meds and did I mention stress? I can't keep a story in my head for more than a few hours at the time. Go figure?

Open arms and hidden archers.

Interests (150):

3 days grace, 3 doors down, action, alternate universes, ancient history, anime, anita blake, anne bishop, anne mccaffery, anthropology, art, babylon 5, bdsm, beading, big damn heroes, bisexuality, black jewels trilogy, blue october, books, boondock saints, breaking benjamin, caffeine, cars, cats, character development, chocolate, chronicles of riddick, comic books, comics, cooking, creativity, crossovers, culture & technology, david weber, disturbed, doodling, dragons, drawing, duo, eminem, empathy, erotica, evanescence, fall out boy, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy art, fast and the furious, fiction, firefly, flaw, freedom of speech, fuel, games, gay rights, geeks, goo goo dolls, good eats, gundam wing, guns, heroism, honorverse, horses, hunting, icons, immortals, ink, iron chef, iron chef america, jewelry, keith lamaur, knives, knowledge, labyrinth, language, leather, libraries, linguistic anthropology, linkin' park, magical realism, mercedes lackey, mmorpgs, multiverses, music, my chemical romance, mythbusters, mythology, new things, non-traditional lifestyles, open mind, original fiction, paganism, painting, pc games, pern, polyamory, predator, pretender, prompts, psychology, queer, rainy days, reading, religion, religious studies, renunciates, robert asprin, rock, roleplaying, rose wilson, rp, sarah brightman, sci-fi, science fiction, self-defense, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shounen-ai, skywarp, slash, sleep, sleeping, swords, table top games, talent series, technology, technopaganism, teen titans, the fast and the furious, thinking, tim drake, tortall series, transformers, underworld, unwrapped, urban fantasy, used book stores, useful tricks, very odd things, vin diesel, witch world, world building, world of darkness, writing, wufei, young wizards

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