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Thank you, even though I don't know who you are! I can't wait to see what you can come up with from my admittedly sketchy requests.

Request 1) Tortall series by Tamora Pierce
Faithful and/or Pounce
I'm hoping to see something about the cats, either or both of them. They get some love in the series, but never enough. I'd be happy with a story from any point within the storyline, everything from before they meet their chosen people to afterwards, when they're no longer with their people.

Request 2) Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce
Briar Moss, Dedicate Rosethorn, Evumeimei Dingzai
I know supposedly that Tamora Pierce will be going into the war that these three characters ended up being involved in, but I want to see your idea, yulegoat. Relationships of any variety not necessary, but certainly could be interesting.

Request 3) Night World series by LJ Smith
I adore this series, and would love to see something more about any or all of them. I had so hard a time picking who I wanted to hear about that I didn't manage to put down any names.

Request 4) Black Jewels by Anne Bishop
Lucivar Yaslana, Daemon Sadi, Andulvar Yaslana, Mephis SaDiablo
I asked for a slice-of-life fic here, because we never really get to see any of the smaller interactions between the two living members of the family and the two Demon Dead members. How do Daemon and Lucivar react to meeting relatives they didn't even necessarily realize they had.