Oct. 6th, 2010 01:09 pm
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To whoever bought me paid time for my account, THANK YOU!!


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:07 pm
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If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks... what's your ideal fic from me?
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So. I work security. And sometimes, on long shifts, I start considering possible fic I'd like to write and/or see written.

My muses are too damned vocal. )

So... anyway. I've read sakon76's (lj only, so far as I know) Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger universe, but I'm wondering if there are any other human!Transformer type universes that take things from a tactical angle? I mean, with realistic type law enforcement handling. HBFS focuses on the bots, obviously, but there are some glimpses into the gear aspects.
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Mind you, these are pictures from before I started moving stuff in. Because getting established is going to take me a while.

pic spam is photographic proof that DD really does have an apartment all her own )


Feb. 18th, 2010 01:27 pm
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I apologize in advance for the photo assault. I'm going to post my new apartment photos in my next post.

Now on to the pretties that were on my desk at work to surprise me! )


Feb. 18th, 2010 11:45 am
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OMG [personal profile] ilyena_sylph got me flowers for my birthday!! Roses, bicolor carnations, asters, daisies and baby's breath. And then she left them at the office! I about had a heartattack when I walked in and saw them!
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So. I'm moving this weekend to a small 2 bedroom apartment on the north side of town. It's a big deal for me, because the last time I lived alone, I nearly did something... permanent. Bad permanent. But I think I'm ready for it this time; I've got awesome friends, and more confidence, and the right medication.

Yeah. Anyway, I'm schitzoid, and fritzing massively, and trying to make sure I don't forget anything.

And now, in no particular order:

* Finish filing change of address for bills and bank and the university.
* Break down the computer, bed, desk, and bookcases to prepare for moving on Saturday.
* Finish packing up books.
* Go through tubs in garage and find things that can be donated/sold/thrown away. This may take a goodly chunk of Sunday because I'm a pack-rat.
* Get keys to apartment early Friday morning
* Move breakables, tub with camping gear, and at least two days worth of clothing first.
* Borrow a camera to take proper pictures of the apartment.
* Shop for basics: food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, first aid kit.
* See how much small stuff can be moved before friends come to help with furniture.
* Negotiate for toaster.
* Negotiate with maternal unit: you don't dawdle and get all maudlin, and I won't rip your head off.
* Realize that living alone means no handy roommates to use as excuses to make maternal unit go AWAY.
* Make sure refrigerator is cooling properly.
* Throw fashion sense to the wind and wear cut off cargo pants w/ enough pockets for phone, wallet, inhaler, keys, iPod, epipen and whatever other small things need to be kept on my person at all times.
* Breathe.
* Make sure not to pack allen wrench. Without said wrench, the bed frame stays as it is. Together.
* Discern how much of desk can be disassembled.
* Pack desktop in box, set aside spare computers and determine sale/trade values.
* Remember to eat ocassionally.
* Move stereo in one of early trips to have music in apartment while taking breaks.
* Steal one or two Shakespear's cups to have cups available for drinks at new place.
* Actually hope it stops snowing (a rare desire, in my case, but I really don't want to try to move into a second floor apartment on snow-covered stairs)
* Make sure medications don't get buried in avalanche of stuff.
* Thoroughly tape shut stackable drawers to make sure they don't open during transit.
* Don't forget all of the ceramics in the garage.
* Find out if there are pans in the box in the mud room, and if so whose they are.
* Get grill pan from top of fridge.

I'm sure other things will come to me, and I'll add them as they come up.
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Ah, nothing like the sound of your mother yelling over the screaming of a high-performance engine in pain to wake you up in the morning.

There are reasons I rarely stay more than a night or two with my parents. )

Also need to thank Zippy for her present - got it (in a nifty TimBits box!) and she's also helping to feed my addiction. She got me beautiful wire wrapped green and amethyst purple beads, a string of each. *beam* Now I need to actually MAKE stuff instead of hoarding the pretties.
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We did Yule/Christmas today for the Household (apparently, this has become our official moniker? me, merfilly, ilyena_sylph, katarik, torches = The Household).

At any rate, I have some of the coolest loves/roommates ever. First off, merfilly and ilyena made dinner - ham (filly), potato caserole (filly), homemade rolls (yena), corn, mashedpotatoes and gravy, and corn. We're definitely going to have to have the ham again some time, and yena needs to make rolls more often. We just need to make homemade bread more often period.

After dinner we opened gifts, and my people really do love me.

Cut because I have really weird descriptions of things )
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You know you're a geek when you see 'The World of Smallville' on a Bib Notification Cataloging Report and immediately call your girlfriend over so she can grin with you.

Of course, next on the list is 'The World of Metropolis.'

Geekery PSA brought to you by Amp(r) Energy.
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Well, didn't get nearly as much accomplished over the last two shifts as I wanted. Somehow, I really wasn't intending to play just slightly more than 100 games of Freecell.

Listy thing under the cut. Wasn't going to cut but it got LOOOOONG. )
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Happy Thanksgiving to those Americans on my flist! I hope your day goes well, and that whether you have turkey, turducken or tofurkey you enjoy your meal. For those of you not celebrating at all, I hope that you have a good day anyway.

And now on to the list, because all posts like this need a list )
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My sincerest apologies for getting my letter up late! Life has, of late, been a bit more than this poor writer can handled.

Anyway, for my requests, here are smaller bits of information that you may use or not at your will, and I'll thank you just for writing!

Requests and details below )
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Fandom: The Shadow Queen (Black Jewels Trilogy Continuation)
Claim: Cassidy/Gray
Specific characters/pairings (if different): Just Cassidy this time
Theme set + Theme number & prompt: III: #9 - Time
Rating: G
Word Count: 184
Warnings: Set after The Shadow Queen, so may be spoilery to anyone who hasn't read it.
Disclaimer: The Black Jewels Trilogy and its sequels belong to Anne Bishop, not to me.
Summary: Cassidy reflects on how the first 6 months of her Contract with Dena Nehele have gone.

6 months can be a long time, whether you're having fun or miserable )
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Title: Truth in the Details
Characters: Brian O'Connor (tFatF); Prowl, Jazz, Ratchet, Bumblebee (Transformers 2007)
Rating: R
Word Count: 3855
Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever, owned the rights to Transformers or the Fast and the Furious. More's the pity.
A/N: Part 4 of the Driving Crazy storyline.
Summary: Three different perspectives on the arrival of Jazz and Ratchet.

A story changes based on whose eyes you're looking through. )
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I need some advice.

Merfilly has a Songfic the Year You Were Born challenge up. I figured out what song I want to write to: Careless Whisper, by Wham!

My problem is trying to figure out who to include. I have several options, and I'm asking you lovely peoples for opinions. Mind you, the actual positions in the story will be mine to determine, I just need help picking the pieces.

1: Selina/Bruce/Diana
2: Tim/Kon/Bart (this one should look familiar to yena)
3: Dick/Roy/Babs
4: Dick/Babs/Kory
5: Sam/Mikaela/Bumblebee
6: Tim/Kon/Cassie
7: Roy/Donna/Kory

Pick a number.
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So, I'm going to do SciFiBigBang this year. It looks like fun, and hella less stressful than NaNoWriMo - half the word count and four times as long in which to write.

Seriously, if you haven't checked it out, you should. It's only 25,000 words, and you have until December 1st (ish) to finish. They're even letting me bring in a WIP from my LJ (and if you can figure out which one, I'll make you an icon).

Go, go! look, join, write fic!
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So... I should not be allowed to take a bunch of Virtual Adept notes and the core book for Mage: the Ascension with me to work. I get horrible ideas like: I want to see an oWoD Mage game for DC. I know, I know, it doesn't really work because of the aliens and the magic already available, but it would still be cool.

I, in all my infinite insanity, actually have bits of it already thought out. )


May. 1st, 2009 11:03 am
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I have my new Dreamwidth account. Of course, this is the account I got with my open ID, and I'm still waiting for my premium code to come, but I have an account!

And this post is absolutely pointless because I don't have anyone friended yet!

Account is upgraded!

I've imported all of my fic to this journal, and I'm debating on whether or not to turn my LJ into a mostly-personal journal. We'll see.


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