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I'm so sorry this was delayed! Real life decided to chew on my laptop.

I absolutely love everything about the original Transformers comics and cartoons. The idea of robot sex cracks me up and is far too much fun to read. Some of my favorite characters are Skywarp and the rest of the command Trine, and Prowl and Jazz. I know Arcee and Inferno were requested, and I'd be perfectly content with a fic about those two would be awesome, too. Any situation, up to and including deathfic is perfectly good with me.

The very nature of the Black Jewels universe is dark, and dark fic is kind of what I'd love in a fic from this universe. Not necessarily death fic, but something properly dark would be amazing. Lucivar, Kaelas and Ladvarian are my favorite three characters, and something involving any or all of them would be epic.

I absolutely adore this fandom. Ever since I was introduced to it, I've been sharing the love with friends. Although I'd love to see something with any or all of the characters offered for the tag set, I'd most love to see something with Dairine and Roshaun. Future fic where they're together, her finding him truly lost to whatever he gave himself over to... It doesn't have to be happy fic, I just found their relationship so intriguing that I'd really like to see more of them.

So I was introduced to this fandom just a few months ago. I enjoyed the shenanigans immensely, and I'd love to see more of Annabelle opening up. What else does she do as head girl? Do she and Kel hook up? There's so much potential for awesome in this universe.