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I see many lists, and maybe having one of my own will help. Don't worry, this isn't required reading, I just want a 'physical' copy that won't be eaten by the cats.

*Finish filing for bankruptcy. Not like I have a car to lose now. And why is it so bloody expensive to prove that you have no money?
*Talk to the Archon people about possibly holding a 'wedding ceremony/handfasting' there in 2015.
*Find a job that pays more than commission.
*Start paying current and previous roommates back.
*Get back to paying on school loans.
*Bead more and get things listed for sale.
*Fix the heinous state the office is in and start doing jewelry there instead of at the dinner table.
*Find time/money to get a membership for myself and my lady at the ARC (rec center).

*Get a booth at Earth Day to sell event-specific jewelry and decorations.
*Attend another craft show, especially now that I'm better at talking to people.
*Look into what I need to do to get into Grad School (I have five years left on my own self-imposed limit).
*Attend Archon.
*Get a car.
*Write more often - maybe finish NaNo? Or at least work on fic that isn't finished.

I'm sure there are more things than are listed, but it's a start.
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