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Title: And When the Daylight Comes
Author: DarkDanc3r
Word Count: 1358
Rating: PG
Universe: G1 AU, as yet unnamed
Characters: Thundersquall/Stormwind/Starfall
Disclaimer: Not mine, likely never will be. I'm just playing in Hasbro's sandbox.
Summary: There's war on the horizon, and mechs have to change to meet the challenges they face.
A/N: This story was initially inspired by the song Daylight by Maroon 5. I wouldn't exactly call it a song fic. It just came about because my brain is evil. See the end of the fic for more information.
Warning: Crossdressing (it makes sense, I promise)

Note: Fic is posted to my A03 account, and title will take you to story.
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