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Title: Falcon wings
Rating: PG
Series: G1
Pairings: Prowl/Skywarp
Summary: Jets aren't the only ones to live by their wings.
Warnings: NA
Disclaimer: Only the idea is mine. The mechs belong to people with far more influence.
Authors Notes: For the tf_rare_pairing June Challenge prompt – a picture. Shorter than I wanted. A lot shorter.

Earth was the bane of Starscream's existence, but Skywarp figured he'd seen worse places. The winds here created a challenge fit to try any Seeker's skills, especially with the terrain thrown in to add to the difficulty. Starscream was busy conniving, dodging Megatron, and screaming about anything and everything that offended him. Thundercracker was busy trying to keep Starscream from fritzing. Skywarp was usually left to himself, because nobody really trusted him to stay on task. If they weren't flying and fighting, he didn't care, so being left alone suited him.

And it gave him a chance to pay attention to the little winged things that fluttered and buzzed around.

The little ones - bugs, insects, flies - were all too insignificant to pay attention to, beyond the annoyance of them smearing on his canopy. The bigger ones, birds, were a little more worthy of notice. So many sizes and shapes and colors, enough to rival the Seeker nation back in Cybertron's glory days. The very smallest, insect and plant eaters, were really only worth watching for amusement; the bigger ones, the birds of prey, were the ones he enjoyed watching. Sleek, fast, deadly - definitely worth the watching.

It was because of those little feathered hunters that Skywarp noticed something else. The hunters were more like Seekers than he'd figured (and wouldn't Starscream break his audios for drawing that connection!), protecting their own newsparks and taking on all threats, but showing only brief remorse at the loss of a chick to stupidity.

Oddly - disturbingly - it didn't take long for him to find Seeker-like tendencies in other beings. Autobots.


Seekers and birds of prey mantled - wings high and tense, optics bright and focused - when their kin were threatened, and so did Prowl. Oh, the Autobot tried to hide it, but you couldn't hide wing motions from a being created to own the skies. He might have managed to fool his own glitch-witted faction, but not Skywarp.

From that one observation, Skywarp started to notice other similarities between Seekers and that one interesting Autobot. The grace and speed of his movements during a fight, the swift and sharp punishment of those who acted out (barring those pit-spawned twins, who ought to be off-lined for touching a Seeker's wings), the sweep of his sensor panels (wings) and the elegant way they moved when he wasn't trying to repress the motions. Skywarp and his trine had been fighting the Autobots for longer than this mudball planet had existed, but it was only because of the organics that he could see the similarities.

The similarities made Skywarp want to know more. Starscream railed on him after every battle that Prowl was actually involved in because the black and white tactician kept pulling his attention away from the targets in his sights.

After one too many of Starscream's high-decibel dressing downs, Skywarp decided that it was time to do something about his fascination, and in true Seeker fashion it was time to either frag or kill the distraction. Though it would suit the Decepticon cause to offline the tactician, Skywarp was more interested in finding out if Prowl shared yet another Seeker trait.

* * * * *

Prowl's sensor panels were pulled high and tight as he retreated further from the main battle site, cut off from his team by one insistent Seeker with an aggravating habit of warping out of the way of most of the projectiles Prowl threw his way. Repeatedly Prowl tried to work his way back towards the main fight, but Skywarp was unpredictable enough that the black and white mech couldn't map out a route to the relative safety of the main battle. A lucky shot (lucky for Skywarp, unlucky for Prowl) seared through the plating and mechanisms of his knee, bringing Prowl to his knees. Fighting through the pain, he rolled over quickly, bringing his acid pellet rifle up quickly, intending to go down fighting. Too late he realized that he was facing the wrong direction, as the pop of displaced air sounded behind him and strong hands settled on his shoulders.

Tense and waiting for the finishing blow, Prowl forced his sensor panels to still before they could twitch and give away his (loathe though he was to admit it) fear. Far from striking with the deadly accuracy Prowl knew Skywarp possessed, those clawed fingers dug into the armor gaps of Prowl's shoulders and...

Caressed the neural lines and capillary tubing of his shoulder joints, drawing an unexpected and unwanted shiver from the injured black and white. Skywarp stepped closer, theoretically in response to the shiver, pressing the heat of his frame between Prowl's sensor panels and stroking again over the sensitive lines.

Even through the sensations Skywarp's claws were creating, Prowl's logic centers were demanding that he fight his way free of the hands immobilizing his shoulders. The situation made absolutely no sense, even by the standards of the Ark and the mechs who lived there. Even by Sideswipe's standards, this was beyond comprehension. Fearing a processor lockup, Prowl twisted in an attempt to free himself from Skywarp's hold so that he could turn and fire on the obviously deranged Seeker, only to still with a muted hiss of pain as the caress of claws morphed into a dangerously tight grip.

"Ah, ah, ah, Autobot. I'm not ready to kill you yet... you don't want me to change my mind..."

Prowl made a muted noise of frustration, and very carefully remained still, though he couldn't quite stop the twitching tips of his sensor panels. This, apparently, amused Skywarp.

"This is going to be fun."
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